Window Coverings

If you are renovating your house and you need to add in a few new looks to it that will give the house new energy that gives it a younger feeling, then you will need to look for the perfect window coverings too. A window covering might not feel like a very important part of redoing your house’s look but it can be the thing that ruins an otherwise good look.

The problem with this comes from the fact that most shades and drapes make a window look like it belongs in an elaborate, yet somewhat cluttered area, not in a minimalistic or modern household. The best shades for windows for a room that is aiming for a minimalist look has to be the flat roman shades or the top down bottom up roman shades. Both of these shades can tie together a room that is sleek and give it a punch of color and fun without looking out of place.

The flat shades are made from a single piece of cloth and they fold backwards on themselves but still give a flat look up front. This means that even though your roman shades will have folded, they will not have a wavy or flowing look. Instead they will continue to look like a flat surface. The shades are pleated at every few inches to achieve this look, which is usually about 8 to 10 inches apart but different sizes can be made through a custom order. This gives a structured look that goes great with a room that is designed to be sleek. On the other hand the top down bottom up roman shades are brilliant for controlling light and insulation for the room as they can be folded either from the top or the bottom to let light in.