Why You Should Listen to Your Child About Their Nanny

We adults often make a really horrible mistake when we are dealing with children. This mistake is that we don’t take them seriously when they are trying to tell us something, instead we think that we know better and that pretty much anything that the child is saying holds no real meaning. This comes from a place of underestimating the emotional intelligence of children. Kids often understand the world a lot more than we would realize because of the fact that their worldview is not clouded by biases and the like the way that ours tends to be.

This can be a particularly serious problem when it comes to things like finding the right kind of nanny for your child. You might think that the nanny that you have hired is completely perfect. After all, you as an adult have done all that you thought was necessary to figure out whether or not the nanny would be right for your child. However, the fact of the matter is that sometimes kids can see what we can’t, and since they are the ones that the nannies are taking care of it is important to remember that they often know how to take care of themselves a lot more than we would think.

If your kid has something negative to say about the nanny that you have hired, it is strongly recommended that you take it as seriously as possible and ensure that the nanny is not actually doing anything that she is not supposed to. A service like Nannies Plus Us can also help you out by being completely accountable for all of the nannies that they send your way, each of whom will have been thoroughly vetted in the first place.