Why Use Phone Words

Phone words are used by companies that have a 1300 number or a 1800 number. Many of us have come across a lot of different examples of this type of marketing where a company has a phone number that spells out words. Many of you might have even thought of a few phone numbers of companies that spell out words relevant to the company in the time that you read the previous few lines. That is the exact same reason why a lot of these companies use such a tactic. It makes their hotline memorable and makes it easy for people to remember them and give them a call when they need it. In Australia y=there has been a huge increase in the amount of companies that do end up employing the phone word tactic and that is because it genuinely helps people’s business a lot.

Using these numbers definitely give you a lot of memorability amongst clients and customers, and make sure that your number and branding is catchy to the people who are calling them. However, you also have the added benefits of getting a higher return on investment and also get overall better branding. The phone word will be able to present your company in a better light and help turn you in to a well known enough name to actually be a household name. If the phone word is catchy, you could get more attention from people. With the availability of various companies that give you the option of buying a 1800 or 1300 number, you should have no trouble getting a good phone word telephone number for your company. You can easily find the cheapest 1300 number provider and still get the best deal out of them as the number will still serve you the same purpose.