Urban Living

A huge problem for a lot of young people, say between the ages of 25 to 35, is that once they start getting settles, the traditional next step is to buy a house and move in to it. However, what this ends up doing for a lot of people is taking them out of the urban setting to which they have become accustomed. For most people between these age groups nowadays, what ends up happening is that they move to larger cities for university right after graduating high schools, and then find jobs within the cities that they are living in.

This means that from the moment these people have become adults, they have managed to live in large cities and have grown quite accustomed to the type of life that you live there. Once most people settle down, they move to the outskirts of a city in to the suburban areas. However, the issue with this is that the people who are used to the urban setting find it difficult to adjust to life in the suburbs.

Most suburban areas are about an hour long drive from the major cities and that can end up being a huge hinderance for people who come home after work and just want to go to their friends at their favourite hang out spots, pubs, and restaurants. Going back to the city after having driven out of it can be very annoying. You will also find that most people end up working the networks they have in the city, however, they are unable to do any of this when they need to drive two hours on the daily just to come and go from work. For the the majority of the people, it will be easier to to just live in the city, in places like the CG Tower Condo project.