Thing You Need to Know About Oxycontin

Oxycontin is a very commonly prescribed medication for the relief of severe pain. It’s often prescribed to cancer patients to help ease the pain they feel but even then it’s to be ingested in very controlled amounts – typically not more than 30-40 milligrams per dose. The way this drug works is simple, it masks the pain from your brain, making you numb to the sensation.

Because of this numbing effect, oxycontin is frequently abused all around the world. People have been crushing and snorting it in dangerously high doses which can cause its side effects to manifest a lot faster than prescribed doses. The drug can be very addictive if taken regularly and even more addictive and damaging if abused. It’s very clearly advised to not crush the tablets for this very reason. Because of how intoxicating it can be, oxycontin is now listed as a controlled drug and even if you’re taking it with a prescription, if it shows up on your reports, you might be suspected of drug abuse. Traces of oxycontin stay in your system for up to 90 days especially in your hair.

However, it typically leaves your blood in under a week after you discontinue use. If you’ve been prescribed oxycontin for a while now, you might want to consider speaking to your doctor about a change in medication now so that you’re safe from the addiction and the harmful side effects of the drug. Some of these side effects include laboured breathing, nausea, watery eyes and excessive sweating. Switching from oxycontin may improve your health quite a lot and will definitely keep you out of trouble with drug tests. Go speak to your doctor about this now and thank us later.