The Fear of Opinions: A Look Inside Allodoxaphobia

Nobody actively enjoys criticism or negative feedback for their work or regarding their opinion. However, most of us can still end up accepting other opinions or at least listen to them. However, there is a certain phobia that cannot allow the person to even do that properly. Allodoxaphobia is basically the fear of listening to other people’s opinion. This happens to be different from disagreeing with other people’s opinion or having their own personal opinion challenged. It is not a very common phobia but it can affect people of all ages and walks of life

The person with allodoxaphobia while have an intense fear of being judged, being embarrassed, of offending others and so on. Allodoxaphobia is a part of different social anxiety disorders, and like all sorts of social phobias, the individual ends up isolating themselves and avoiding situations where they have to speak which can have serious implications, especially for people who are adults or having jobs.

Allodoxaphobia can be a result of a past experience where the person had to listen to other people’s opinions which probably mocked them or led to embarrassment. It can also develop through hearing second-hand accounts of other people’s experiences and so on. It can also be a result of a genetic pre-disposition like anxiety or nervousness in general which can then manifest into allodoxaphobia. There are of course treatment options for people who happen to suffer from the phobia through therapy and going through different exercises that are conducted by their therapist. There are a number of different techniques ranging from CBT, exposure therapy, flooding etc. that can slowly help the patient move on from their phobia. If you are curious and want to learn more about allodoxaphobia, you can simply visit for more details.