Review of Top Stabilizers

In this article we will be talking about stabilizers for Go Pro cameras and we will mention what makes a good Go Pro stabilizer, as well as reviewing one of the best stabilizers currently available anywhere. Beginning with why a Go Pro stabilizer is important. If you have ever used a Go Pro before you will know two things about it.

First of all, the go pro can give you some amazing shots that most people would not expect to have gotten from it considering people only really see it as a tool for extreme sports shots and action shots. And two, the go pro can get some extremely distorted and shaky footage because of how it is designed. The Go Pro will end up moving the camera even if there is a bit of an uneven surface or if there is any sort of sudden movement.

The stabilizers that work best with the Go Pro are the gimbal stabilizers. This is because of their 3 axis point design where the motors on the stabilizer move about but keep the go pro in place. This helps reduce the shakiness a lot more than you would normally be able to with any other sort of stabilizer. One gimbal stabilizer in particular can be called one of the best GoPro gimbal stabilizer, and that is the Freevision VILTA-G Gimbal Stabilize. This is a very light weight gimbal stabilizer that can still handle the weight of a Go Pro without being shaky. It comes with its own travelling cover so that it is not harmed when being moved about. The best thing about this stabilizer is the fact that it has been designed for convenience. You have all the buttons on the handle and the stabilization depends on an auto calibration that kick in.