Ping Pong Playing Styles

Ping pong is a popular sport that is played all around the world. There are many different ways in which you can play ping pong. There are different paddles that are used for different playing different styles of ping pong. Here are some of the basic styles of playing ping pong:


Defensive players do not require spin and power, they mostly focus on their opponent’s mistakes. The ping pong paddles designed for defensive players are usually light and offers more speed. The players require time and control to redirect their shots.


Offensive players play more on the aggressive side. This type of playing style is the most common. The paddles designed for offensive players are usually heavy which reduces the player’s reaction time, but once the ball comes in contact with the paddle there will be some seriously powerful shots that are difficult for their opponents to match.

All Rounders

All-rounder players play in both defensive and offensive styles. They play efficiently in both ways. It is easier for them to play from up close as well as from a distance. They require fast reaction time, which is why it is preferred that all-rounding players use a light paddle.

It is very important while selecting a ping pong paddle for yourself that you choose paddles that are approved by the ITTF. Also, pick the paddle that is best suited to your playing style. If you cannot decide which paddle is best suited for you or what kind of player you want to be, then just get yourself a lightweight paddle as it will help you in learning quickly. Afterwards, you can decide which one is the best suited for you. Make sure that you buy your ping pong paddle from a well-known seller.