Mattress Cleaning And Why You Need It

On an average, we sleep on our mattresses for about 3000 hours a year and we keep one mattress for at least 8 years before we buy a replacement. So, altogether we’re going to spend 24000 hours or so on one mattress; now consider this, in just a 1000 of those hours, your mattress absorbs your bodily fluids, gathers dust and in some cases might even become a breeding ground for bugs. So, the question stands – how often do you get your mattress cleaned out?

Before the guilt sinks in, know what most people either neglect mattress cleaning completely or have it cleaned once in 2-3 years. We understand how easy it is to neglect having your mattress cleaned regularly but it’s important to hire professional mattress cleaners such as Chemdry Express WA to wash and dry your mattress for you at least once in a year if not twice. Your mattress is not as clean as you think and if you watch it get cleaned, you’ll be alarmed by the amount of dirt that leaves it.

After your mattress has been cleaned and you sleep on it, it’ll feel even better than a brand new mattress since it’s already broken into and it’ll just feel so much fresher. On the contrary a dirty mattress can have a very negative impact on your health and you might not even realise why you feel itchy or sick since it’s easy to neglect the mattress as a thing that needs to be cleaned regularly. It might sound a little over the top to say that your mattress can influence your life but it can – there are research findings out there that directly link physical and even mental health to the cleanliness of the surface you sleep on.