Finding Reasons to Be Grateful

When you look around you, you see people carrying on with their lives as if nothing bothers them. These people may have their own set of burdens and scars that they carry with them but since you can’t see them, it’s easy to assume that they’re all happy with life – you start comparing yourself to them. You’re very aware of your own regrets and short comings in life and it’s easy for you to convince yourself that you’re the only one who feels this way.

No one can tell you that what you’re going through or have been through was worse or better than anything that another person has gone through but if you feel this way, you need to find a way out. You can start by reading This Little Light, a blog by Jay Depoy about finding reasons to be grateful for your life regardless of all the adversities you’ve faced and lost against. Just by knowing that there are others out there who have felt the same way and found a way out, you can propel yourself towards betterment as well.

No matter what you’ve been through, that wasn’t the end of your life. Who knows, you might go through worse later on in your life as well but there are equal opportunities for you to be happy as well. If you let all this negativity wear you down for too long, you’ll stop noticing all the blessings of life and only focus on the negativity. You have to let yourself out of this cycle of negativity become it churns you alive. By reading stories of a man who found reasons to be grateful to be alive, you might start seeing hope in your own life and circumstances.