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TV Shows That Need to Come Back

The world of Hollywood is fickle and can often cause a lot of problems for people that just want to be able to make good art. Hence, a lot of great shows that people enjoyed ended up getting cancelled for reasons that most people are just unable to understand. These TV shows need to come back so that they can finish their stories and give people the endings that they deserve, because after all once we are emotionally invested in a story we need to be able to resolve it. Here are some shows that really deserve to come back:

Freaks And Geeks

There have been a lot of shows about high schools and the like but few have gotten it quite as right as Freaks and Geeks. The show managed to paint an accurate picture of high school life without completely infantilizing its teenage characters. It also managed to remain quite realistic in its story lines, allowing teens everywhere to feel normal because the characters on the show would be going through a lot of things that they were. The show ended on a bit of a cliffhanger as well so we really need to know what happens next!


Before pretty much every genre had started to be redone in a gritty manner, we got Deadwood which showed us the darker side of the wild west. This cowboy show portrayed the dirt and squalor of living at that time instead of idealizing and romanticizing it as some kind of adventure. The show had incredible characters and a detailed plot. You really got into the motivations of some of the people in the show. It’s a pity that it got cancelled after three seasons, and just when it was getting really good too!


Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an iconic show that incorporates supernatural horror and adventure with a relatable high school setting, and it is so good that its sister show Angel often gets overlooked. Angel was a great show that had a darker, more mature setting than Buffy. It lasted five seasons but the sixth season was suddenly dropped even though the show ended on an enormous cliffhanger. We still don’t know what happened next, so the show needs to come back for at least a few episodes to resolve the plot line.


Here we have the absolute pinnacle of unfortunate cancellations. Firefly had it all. It had characters you fell in love with, the perfect blend of seriousness and fun, a world that you could get immersed in and a plot that you could nail bitingly invested in. If it had been allowed to continue, Firefly would have gone down as one of the great shows in history. What actually ended up happening was that the network aired episodes out of order preventing the show from gaining a fan base at first. The network cancelled the show but it gained a lot of popularity later on through DVD sales.

The End of an Era

It was not that long ago that people like Jimmy Page and Robert Plant tore up stadiums and were legendary figures in the world. Now, however, things are a lot different. One of the more alarming aspects of this reality has to do with the fact that all of the rock stars have started to fade away. Of course, few can forget the past two years in which we ended up losing so many amazing musicians of the past due to their deaths. However, these are not the only musicians that we have lost. A lot of famous acts such as Rush, Elton John and Ozzy Osbourne are also retiring.

While this may concern you, it is important to understand why so many incredible bands are deciding to hang up their spurs rather than persevere. The first thing to consider is, of course, the fact that they are all old now. We are talking about people that are in their seventies, people that have been on the road for decades now. Normal people suffer so many health problems, but for people that have to engage in the physically taxing act of performing on a regular basis, age plays an even more important factor.

At such ages, our old school rockstars probably just don’t have the energy or good health that would allow them to go on such enormous tours. After the terrible year where we lost so many beloved icons, it is fair to say that a lot of people would be fine with these musicians deciding to put their health first. It also wouldn’t have helped that pretty much all of these famous musicians probably did a lot of drugs during their heydays, which would have resulted in further deterioration of their bodies.

Of course, there is also the fact that so many of their contemporaries passing away has probably made these rock stars realize just how short life is. Chances are that they just want to be able to live out the rest of their days with the people they love rather than having to deal with the pressures of living up to fan expectations and performing on a stage night after night. They have also probably learned from the ill health their contemporaries suffered due to their workaholic nature and don’t want to end up in a similar situation themselves.

Whatever the case may be, these musicians retiring does not change the fact that they have given us so much incredible music over the years. They might even continue producing new music because studio work tends to be a lot easier to get done with than stage performances. We can always be hopeful for the future, but even if these legends never make more music again we will always have the music that they once created. Hence, we will always be able to put on one of their records and remember how great they were.

Shocking Episodes of Popular TV Shows

When you watch a comedy show, chances are that you are looking for some easy laughs and a good time. After all, the whole reason we watch comedy in the first place is so that we can stop worrying about the world and just turn our brains off for a little while. However, in the golden age of television, the 1970s to be precise, a lot of immensely popular comedy shows aired episodes that were very different from their usual fare. These episodes were referred to as “Very Special Episodes” and they were famous for having content that was of a very serious nature.

The reasons behind these episodes varied. They were often aired with some kind of political agenda in mind, with the creator of the show trying to push a certain kind of ideology. Often they were just meant to help society in some way with the creators or studio executives trying to use their influence to make the world a better place. Often these episodes were aired to commemorate a cast member that had passed away. Whatever the case had been, these episodes often had shocking subject matter. Here are some examples that stand out quite a bit.

Saved By The Bell

Saved by the Bell was a show that was aimed at teenagers. Hence, the episode that showed a character getting addicted to drugs while trying to excel at school was a very important one for the time.


You generally wouldn’t think that a show about a working class family that was set in the 90s would tackle issues like homosexuality, but Roseanne is just one of those groundbreaking shows that frequently did things like this in spite of what people might have thought.

The Golden Girls

This sitcom about a group of elderly friends won many hearts but it did a lot of good as well. The primary reason this sitcom received so much attention for its special episode is because it tackled one of its characters possibly having AIDS!

Growing Pains

A special episode about drinking is rather predictable, but Growing Pains went one better by showing people that they could talk about it in a constructive manner. The show talked about drunk driving especially, and how toxic it could be for the people around you, not to mention how much danger it could put people in.

Too Close For Comfort

This show did not get very famous during its time but it did manage to tackle the pressing issue of assault, specifically how men can be assaulted by women. This episode shed light on this issue and talked about it in a way that made a lot of people take it more seriously.


This heartwarming show was never afraid to talk about controversial topics. This show’s very special episode talked about abortion, focusing on a woman’s choice during the 70s which really was quite progressive for the time.