Can’t Decide Whether to Buy Bong or Glass Pipe?

Despite the obvious differences between the structure of a glass pipe and a bong many beginners often have confusion about the functionality of each smoking piece. You might have become more interested about smoking weed after seeing someone use a Sherlock style pipe in the public or seeing your favorite celebrity blazing it at the concert. No matter what the case, you must evaluate the pros and cons of each smoking device before making your final buying decision.

You would feel the joy of smoking cannabis no matter what type of device you are using but each type would offer unique buzz experience. After spending a rough day at the work nothing is more convenient than lighting up a compact size glass pipe. Unlike bongs while using glass pipes the smokers have no dependence of arranging a base such as table to place it on. You can keep it in your hands throughout the entire smoking session because of its light weight and user-friendly mechanism. As a beginner you are also susceptible to making some damage during your learning phase, and you would have to bear less damage cost if you use a glass instead of a bong. With the advancement in the technology modern pipes have state-of-the-art filtration systems so that the users can maintain a high level of cleanliness and safety.

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