Basketball Positions Explained

If you have watched basketball games and you are not as familiar with the game, it can get understandably confusing when you are listening to people’s commentary on the game and taking about different positions, so we have decided to make things easier for you by listing down and explaining the different positions in a basketball game.

Now there are 5 key positions in basketball and each players has to perform the duties of at least two positions and they move around the court.

  • The centers are always positioned near the court and are usually the tallest person in the group. They are supposed to be stronger and more domineering since it is their job to prevent block opponents from shooting the ball into the basket. They are also responsible for handling rebounds and to shoot for the basket to get a score.
  • The power shooter will operate around the wings and corner areas of the court. They are supposed to be able to handle a lot of physical play, deal with rebounds and shoot from longer distances than the center usually does.
  • The small forward will be comparatively shorter than the other two, however, their ability to guard is more important. They can also play like the center and power shooter as well, and they should be good with long distance shoots.
  • The shooting guard has to move around a lot since they have to dribble the ball faster along the court and design the offensive play for the game. They will also have to make the most shots in the game. Michael Jordan was the shooting guard for the Chicago Bulls and was known for the michael jordan vertical, which is basically the longest vertical jump in basketball history.
  • The point guard has to deal with handling the ball to other player, making long distance shots and help coordinate their teammates for offensive plays.