We all remember that scene when Jack holds Rose in Titanic, or that trippy moment during Inception when the city bends into the sky. The “moving picture,” as literal as it sounds, is a rare storytelling medium where the visually stunning movies element is at least as important as the plot, soundtrack, and characters. Oftentimes, detailed and consistent visuals set the atmosphere of the movie and deliver a truly immersive experience, albeit into the strangest and most imaginative worlds. Here are five movies that you will wish you experienced on the big screen. They are also relatively obscure, so not your Grand Budapest Hotel, Big Fish, Tree of Life and certainly not Avatar.

5. The Fall Offers Impossible Sets With No CGI

Filmed over four years in 20 different countries, Tarsem Singh’s The Fall is a feast of natural and manmade wonders around the world, all wrapped up in the imagination of a paralyzed stuntman and a little girl whose arm was broken in a riot. Given its crazy shots, you’ll be surprised to know that The Fall was filmed with less CGI than true human ingeniousness and careful planning. My favorite interview story — the crew wanted a scene in a blue city, but couldn’t find one blue enough, so they went to the Blue City of Jodhpur, India and gave out free paint. Next time they went back, they started shooting.